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From Scheme Volunteer to Trainee

I first became involved in the Dunsmore Living Landscape scheme as a volunteer in 2019 after completing a degree in Zoology. I was working in an office at the time and I found that being outside, surrounded by nature, once a week was literally a breath of fresh air. It also gave me a taste of the work involved in practical conservation, an area that has always felt incredibly important to me. So,...
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Nature for All

Nature plays an important role in our daily lives – be it wildlife watching, playing outdoors, as a mood enhancer or even commuting through a green space on the way to work. There is now a substantial body of evidence supporting the value of green (and blue) spaces to our health and well-being and that by protecting and enhancing these wild places and creating more, we would improve our lives...
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Dunsmore Living Landscape: yours to explore

Dunsmore Living Landscape Yours to Explore Enjoy More It’s approaching that time of year again. Winter-still woods erupt with a blaze of colour. First to bloom are primroses, often along sunny wood banks. Then comes the carpet of Wood anemone, Stitchwort, Yellow archangel and finally Bluebell. Frozen, creaking timber starts to whisper in milder winds as bright, caterpillar-laden leaves attract early spring migrants: Chiff-chaff,...
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