Corporate Volunteering Case Study – NECS Consultancy Midlands Team

Our Day with the Dunsmore Living Landscape Scheme.

Exciting Break from Routine: On a sunny yet brisk Monday, 19 February, the NECs Consultancy Midlands team swapped office gear for gardening gloves to support the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust’s Dunsmore Living Landscape scheme. Our mission was to revitalise Ashlawn Cutting on the Great Central Walk, encouraging wildflower growth and creating habitats for pollinators.

Getting Ready: Meeting at the Rugby Club car park, we were equipped by the fantastic Warwickshire Wildlife Trust team with all essentials, including gloves, tools, water, hot drinks, and biscuits! Dressed for the outdoors, we were all set for a productive day.

Our Mission: To connect and preserve Warwickshire’s natural habitats. Our task involved clearing scrub to allow sunlight to reach the ground, promoting a thriving environment for wildlife.

The Work We Did: From meadow management to hedge planting, no previous experience was necessary. The Trust’s training ensured our safety and effectiveness, emphasising teamwork and the joy of contributing to nature’s preservation.

The Rewards: Our volunteering efforts yielded numerous benefits:

– direct contribution to wildlife conservation and habitat restoration

– enhancement of local green spaces for community enjoyment

– acquisition of valuable environmental stewardship skills

– strengthened team bonds

– physical and mental wellness benefits from outdoor activities.

Special Thanks to Kayleigh Brookes: Kayleigh Brookes, our volunteering lead, was pivotal in making the day both productive and enjoyable with her enthusiasm and expert guidance.

Conclusion: Volunteering with the Dunsmore Living Landscape scheme was a fulfilling departure from our usual routine, offering us a chance to actively engage with our environment and contribute meaningfully. A heartfelt thanks to the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and all participants for such a rewarding experience.

Here’s to more adventures and positive impacts ahead!