Understanding our Pollinators

Join us and the national expert Steven Falk to learn all about pollinators, the different species we have, why they are important and the need to cater for all parts of their lifecycle.

The course will start off with an indoor element where Steven will provide a basic grounding on pollinators and get you to think of habitats and landscapes in a different way, covering the need to cater for all parts of their lifecycle and therefore the value of habitats mosaics, sheltered microclimates and seasonality issues. The talk continues to go through all the main broad habitat categories (woodland, grassland, road verges, urban, brownfield, wetlands) and the importance on managing these habitats for pollinators.  

After lunch, we will go for a stroll to see pollinators and discuss a variety of habitats / habitat features on and around Village farm.

There is also an opportunity during the course for Miranda, the owner of Village Farm to provide a guided walk around the farm for anyone who wishes to attend.

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