Coombe Country Park

Veteran trees and grasslands

Coombe Country Park contains the fourth largest concentration of veteran oaks after Stoneleigh, Packington Park and Ragley Park, with seven specimens over 5m girth. Some of these are within the open access areas. Further ancient trees here include a 300 year old Common Lime just north of the visitor centre plus four of Britain’s largest True Service Trees in the field just west of the visitor centre. These are thought to date from the 1700s and the largest is the national champion. We are working with Coventry City Council to prolong the life of veteran trees within the park and to grow on seed to produce future Dunsmore veterans!

There are also valuable acid and neutral grasslands at Coombe Country Park. These support a wealth of plant and invertebrate species and we are working with Coventry City Council to manage and improve these areas.

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