Bagot’s Castle Archaeology Survey

In August 2020 Archaeological Surveys Ltd carried out a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey at Bagot’s Castle.

The Castle lies to the west of Baginton village on the edge of a plateau overlooking the River Sowe. The visible remains consist of the basement of a tower house built in the 1380s by Sir William Bagot, a courtier to King Richard II, which was probably set within an earlier earthwork castle. The castle fell out of use by the early 16th-century and was probably ruinous by 1545.

In the early 18th-century the area was landscaped as part of a park around Baginton Hall.  The castle enclosure was buried by up to 2.9m of make-up and laid out as a bowling green with a gazebo or summerhouse built on its western edge.

The GPR survey aimed to detect remains of the medieval castle beneath the 18th-century landscaping. Take a look at the video below to find out more and click on the link to see the full report. To visit the castle click here