Family Autism Guides

We have produced a number of guides to some of the sites to help parents and carers of children with autism to help access the natural environment. We hope that they should also prove helpful to those living and working with adults with autism too. There are health benefits of nature and the countryside for these individuals and we’ve chosen locations which we believe children with autism may enjoy. We hope to add to the guides increasing the number of locations covered.

These guides aim to provide appropriate information to make your visit to each place as relaxed and enjoyable as possible, so that the restorative benefits can be accessed by all. For some children and adults, there may be a need to make trips more structured and meaningful, for example, looking out for things whilst walking may provide many opportunities to communicate and develop a shared interest for the
natural environment.

We hope that the descriptions of each location will allow parents and carers to judge its suitability for their children. The photographs are included to help make the places look attractive to children, as some children with autism appreciate being shown pictures of their destination to prepare for their visit. Where there is a map available for a location we have included it as both a visual aid before visiting and a navigational tool once there.

We have indicated as to whether dogs are allowed at each location and whether they may be off lead. This is because some children are wary of them and some are terrified by them.

Click here to download the Brandon Marsh Guide

Click here to download the Brandon Wood Guide

Click here to download Brinklow Castle Guide

Click here to watch aerial footage of Brinklow Castle

Click here to download the Ryton Pools Country Park Guide

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