Pupils’ work for Wolston Quarry Lifecycles Trail

We have been working with Wolston St Margaret’s Primary School on the Wolston Quarry Lifecycles Trail. We have also been supported by Smiths Concrete. The soon to be installed trail features three interpretation boards covering the themes of History & Archaeology, Working Quarry Processes and Restoration, along the public footpath that runs through Wolston Quarry. As well as providing an informative trail for members of the public, the boards are an educational resource which will be used by the school in future years.

After visiting the quarry, Year 6 pupils from Wolston St Margaret’s Primary School produced work focussing on the three themes. A piece of work was chosen for each board. All the work can be seen below or in the slideshow.

The project has also been entered into Heidelberg Cement’s Quarry Life Award.

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The Stone

Broken from the Earth,
Millions of years ago,
Watching the new life flutter and fly.

One hundred thousand years ago,
Many days go by,
Giant mammals rule the Earth
Time floats away.

Ten thousand years ago,
Humans on the planet,
Power, land and energy,
Greedy like a gannet.

One thousand years ago,
Humans rule the world,
Kings and queens,
Lads and lasses,
As the time passes.

One hundred years ago,
The stone watching still,
As the World War soldier
Is out for the kill.

Just one decade ago,
A site has been seen.
Rick in rock and mineral,
Smiths Concrete are keen.

Now we come to today,
Artefacts and relics found,
In sand and gravel on the ground.
Smiths Concrete continue work,
As the stone watches, still and sound.