Nature Beats Sonic Signatures Geodesic Dome

Over the weekend we held an event to showcase and unveil the Nature Beats Sonic Signatures Geodesic dome constructed by both the 3rd Leamington Guides and 1st Stretton-on-Dunsmore Scouts. The project aimed to encourage the groups to explore the local natural landscape in all of its sensory form. Part of the project focused on producing soundscapes using the environment around them. Take a listen to them – Sounds of Lillington & Sounds of Stretton. It also gave them an opportunity to practice the traditional woodland technique of coppicing in order to harvest material for the dome structure. This was then covered in cloth that had been decorated by the young people.

Thank you to Wild Earth for leading this exciting element of our youth outreach work!

To find out more about their Nature Beats programme and other work click here