Wappenbury Hill Fort

The monument is situated along the northern bank of the River Leam within the village of Wappenbury and includes a univallate hillfort, the earthwork remains of part of a medieval settlement, and an area of ridge and furrow cultivation.

Wappenbury camp occupies a prominent position on a natural knoll or plateau above the river channel. The location of the hillfort takes advantage of the natural scarp banks formed by both the River Leam and a tributary to the west of the site.

The defensive earthworks of Wappenbury camp include intermittent traces of a single rampart and a ditch that has been mostly infilled. Along the northern edge of the site, the rampart is visible as a distinctive break in slope and is thought to have been levelled by ploughing. The associated ditch has become infilled but it can be traced as a slight depression and will survive as a buried feature.