National Moth Night Goes Virtual!

We recently celebrated National Moth Night (27th – 29th August), where we observed and documented the diversity of moths at Wappenbury Wood with expert David Brown.

This year, the three nights were chosen to coincide with the flight periods of four of the Red Underwing moths recorded in the British Isles. These are the Red Underwing, Rosy Underwing, Dark Crimson Underwing and the Light Crimson Underwing.

Unfortunately we didn’t see any of the target species, but we had some fantastic views of Green Carpet, Brimstone, Square-spot Rustic, Feathered Gothic, Orange Swift and Large Yellow Underwing, amongst others.

Moth Night is not just about the target species, but a time to celebrate these wonderful insects and in light of Covid-19 we wanted to bring the moths to you, with the plethora of knowledge that David has to share. So watch the video below, giving you a flavour of what we got up to, which may encourage you to start connecting with the marvelous moths we have. You can start seeing them from as close as your garden and a great way to attract them is to through a light trap. There are plenty of resources out there to guide you on putting together your own make-shift moth trap, whether that be one to make in a matter of minutes to a more permanent structure.